6 Tips to Staying Cool in Your RV

Anyone who enjoys the RV lifestyle knows that it can be tricky managing the intense heat that comes along with the new season. Running the AC unit is the easy answer, but that will use a lot of energy and tax the unit.

Here are 6 tips to help you stay cool!

1. Chill Out Under Your RV Awning and Shade Rooms

RV awnings are designed to expand your living space and provide shade coverage. It’s not easy finding any RVer who doesn’t reap the benefits of this necessary accessory, but taking the time to build a lounge-worthy area underneath your awning will make it that much more appealing when the sun rays are heating up the inside of your rig.

Lazing the day away on some comfortable outdoor furniture isn’t a bad way to spend your time, especially as the shade provides much-needed relief from the overwhelming sun. Creating an RV Shade Room is a great way to keep cool.

If you’re not looking for an entire annex, there are also simpler sun-blocking materials available that you can attach to your awning.

2. Block the Light Entering Through Your Windows

Most of the heat gain that enters into your RV comes in through your windows. Because of this, you’ll naturally want to reduce the amount of light that can enter. You can do this by installing window awnings as well as window shades.

Window shades are made of material that block light, and they function similar to blinds. Some are even transparent so that you can still look outside.

Window awnings attach to the outside of your windows, and they significantly reduce the amount of sunlight that enters in when they are retracted.

There are DIY options for this as well, if you are on a budget.

3. Park In the Shade

A small thing that will make a big difference is being purposeful of where and how you park your RV. If you’re staying at a campground, call ahead and try to reserve a spot with ample shade. Naturally, this will keep your RV cooler.

Additionally, you can figure out what direction the sun is coming from, and angle your parking job so that the side of your RV with the most windows is directed away from that direction.

4. Hydrate Thoroughly

During your summer RV stay, it’s highly important to stay hydrated. You’re most likely sweating more, which means you’re losing moisture and essential electrolytes. The commonly heard advice is to drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water per day, but factors such as lifestyle, age, gender, weight, and weather all impact the necessary intake.

Mild dehydration can lead to headaches and dizziness, whereas severe dehydration can lead to serious health conditions, such as heat. Because you’re often on the go while RVing, you’ll need to be especially proactive in ensuring you’re getting enough liquids.

5. Don’t Cook Inside During the Day

If your RV is already uncomfortably hot, avoid making things worse by trying to use the stove or oven during the day. Doing so will noticeably increase the internal temperature.

Instead, plan ahead, and eat meals that can be prepared cold, such as green salads, cold sandwiches, tasty bruschetta, fruit platters, or pasta salads. If you really want something hot, try to eat something that can easily be made in the microwave.

Alternatively, get a portable grill so you can cook outside in the shade!

6. Enjoy the Cooling Elements of the Outdoors

If the sun is busy baking the inside of your RV, take the time to explore the natural cooling solutions of the great outdoors.

Swimming, boating, kayaking, river floating/tubing are just a few of the options you have at your disposal. When it’s unfathomably warm outside, dipping into a cool body of water can be a majestic experience. Just remember the sunscreen!  

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