7 Rainy Day Activities at Bonita Mesa RV Park Resort

Rainy day in Yuma? Say it ain’t so! Don’t worry, though, we have 7 Rainy Day Activities for you to enjoy!

One of the advantages of parking your RV here at Bonita Mesa RV Park Resort is that we are in beautiful Yuma, Arizona. With the sun shining most of the year, you have so much you can do and so many things to see!

Ah, but what about the days when rain is falling down? Not to worry! There are 7 great things, both in and out of your RV, that you can do!

1. Marshmallow Crafts And Games

If there’s one unspoken rule of RVing, it’s that you must have marshmallows on hand at all times. S’mores may be off the menu on a rainy day (unless you cheat and use the microwave), you can still get some use out of them! Get creative and play tic-tac-toe with marshmallows and chocolate. The winner gets to eat the pieces! You can also build things like towers with them, because they are sticky!

2. Have a Movie Theater Experience

Don’t just slap a DVD into your system to watch a movie. Make it an experience! Make some popcorn. Bake cookies. Make some finger foods. When you have the menu prepared, set up your RV like a theater. Hang some blankets around your viewing area. Fluff up all the pillows for maximum comfort. Pick your favorite comedy or thriller, or pop open the brand new movie you just got, and enjoy!

3. Read a Good Book – Visit Our Library?

Sometimes life is moving so fast that we forget some of the simple pleasures it has to offer. One of these pleasures is reading. When it is raining outside, one of the absolute best things to do is snuggle up with a blanket and pull out that book you have been meaning to get to…You don’t have a good book? Not a problem! Bonita Mesa RV Park Resort has a great library that you are always welcome to use!

4. Get a Good Workout In

Rain can be accompanied by chilly weather, even here in Yuma. Sometime that weather can make you feel sore or achy. A great solution for both your body pain and the rain is to get a good workout in. Your body can stretch out and warm up, your mind will wake up and you will feel better in general. But you don’t need to try and do this in your RV, not when Bonita Mesa RV Park Resort offers you an exercise facility to get your sweat on! Oh, and if you have pets, we even have a pet area for exercise!

6. Play Some Games

Game playing can be a great way to connect with family and friends alike. You can play cards games or board games and these activities can take place inside your RV. But if you want to get out and stretch your legs a bit, you can go to the newly remodeled Pool Room with new pool tables and play 8 or 9 ball. You can also play Texas Hold ‘Em in our new Poker Room. No matter what your game of choice is, playing games is a great rainy day activity.

7. Catch up on Chores

All of those choices sound like fun, right? So why ruin the mood? J No matter how you slice it, a rainy day is a great time to catch up on chores. You can go around the RV and handle some cleaning inside. You can also come and use our large laundry facility with soft water and catch up on the dirty clothes piling up in your hamper!

Bonita Mesa RV Park Resort, here in Yuma Arizona, has you covered rain or shine!

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