The Best Snowbird RV Resort Yuma AZ

The best snowbird RV Park in Arizona is Bonita Mesa Rv Resort we welcome all winter travler’s hoping to make tracks in an opposite direction from the cold winter months. Bonita Mesa RV Resort is notable among winter RVers for its impecible grounds, amazing amenities , wonderful staff, recorded destinations,  exercises & activites for all ages and exceptional projects for seniors. Yuma guests additionally appreciate the local neighborhood attractions, for example, exceptional golfing, water sports on the nearby lakes and streams, nearby shopping and attractions. Bonita Mesa is the RVer’s ideal goal, offering daily activities and with close proximity to Mexico and California with simple access to everything.

Bonita Mesa RV Resort offers the best of Yuma Arizona. Located near the convergence of the Gila and Colorado Rivers in the southwest corner of Arizona, on the border of California and close to the border of Mexico, Yuma was for more than five centuries an oasis for travelers, explorers and adventurers. Today’s Yuma is a modern city that recognizes its rich history with a number of museums, parks, and heritage areas. It is a fun place to visit with its lively riverfront, and many parks and recreation areas. Between the huge desert just outside of the city with dunes that reach 300 feet, and its close proximity to the mighty Colorado River, reclaimed wetlands, and historic ghost mining towns, Yuma, AZ, has something for everyone.

Here is a list of the 10 Best things to do in Yuma Arizona.

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